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Supersonic, Hypersonic and Hot-Jet Wind Tunnels

Tunnels are located in Randolph 33C. Administered by Todd Lowe

The Supersonic Wind Tunnel (pictured below). More information here.

Supersonic Wind Tunnel layout. 10-Pressure Regulator, 11-Settling Chamber, 12-Test Section, 13-Diffuser, 14-Model Support and Drive System, 15-Tunnel Control Panel, 16-Measurement Panel, 17-Schlieren Apparatus


The Hypersonic Wind Tunnel (pictured below) is for instruction and research. The blow-down type wind tunnel offers run times on the order of a few seconds at high Mach numbers with relatively steady flow conditions. More information here.

Figure 2. Layout of the Virginia Tech high-speed wind tunnel

Hot-Jet Wind Tunnel