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Open Jet Wind Tunnel and AOE Teaching Lab

Located in Goodwin Hall 140.

The Open Jet Wind Tunnel (pictured below) serves as an educational tool for undergraduate instruction.The open-jet wind tunnel is a blower type, open circuit facility. A steel frame at the base of the facility provides stability while the combination of aluminum composite panels and extruded aluminum frame results in a light weight yet strong structure. The tunnel is powered by a 30hp BC-SW Size 365 Twin City centrifugal fan capable of up to 15m3/s. More information and scheduling here

Figure 1: 0.7m Subsonic Open Jet Wind Tunnel.

The AOE Teaching Laboratory is equipped with the Open-Jet Wind Tunnel (above), a 6"x6" water tunnel, a rotating tank facility, smoke tunnel, equipment for the dynamic and static testing of simple structures, and electronic instrumentation workstations. The water tunnel includes a laser Doppler anemometer, used for undergraduate research and experiments. More information here.