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Laser diagnostics for multiphase fuels
Rapid and reliable measurements of vapor and droplets in sprays are desirable in many scientific and industrial applications. This research develops tools based on wavelength-multiplexed laser absorption and extinction to address such important measurement needs.

As a preliminary stage of this research, laser diagnostics have been developed and demonstrated in water sprays to provide simultaneous vapor and aerosol information during the interactions of aerosols and shock waves.

An important topic for future research is the extension of these diagnostics to provide real-time and simultaneous vapor and droplet measurements in fuel sprays.

Industrial applications
Besides their applications in scientific research, laser diagnostics have been proven to be superior to conventional methods in many industrial applications. These laser-based methods have shown good perspective to solve problems now confronting industry, such as temperature and pollutants monitoring. Fuel monitoring and control are critical to most combustion applications. Therefore, a natural and important research topic is to adopt such diagnostics to industrial applications.

Laser diagnostics for emerging technologies
Besides their applications in the above areas, optical methods have been demonstrated to be powerful tools in many other fields, including applications in fuel cells, early detection of cancer, and drug delivery. Such applications will also be investigated.