Administered by Lin Ma. 

Thermal management of the battery modules is a critical issue for the development of Electrical Vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electrical vehicle (HEVs). The performance and aging rate of the batteries depend quite sensitively on the working conditions of the batteries, especially the cell temperature. The temperature of the batteries must be limited below a certain temperature. However, in practice this is challenging to accomplish. The ambient temperature varies in a wide range. Batteries pack contains many cells, and significant temperature non-uniformity exists among cells.

Our lab houses a range of facilities to study the cooling and aerodynamics of battery modules (see figures above). These experimental testing facilities help us to study the thermal management of batteries systematically. The goal of our research is to strike an optimal balance between heat transfer efficiency, pump power required, and the uniformity of temperature distribution of among battery bells, which will ultimately contribute to more efficient and robust EVs and HEVs.